How did I get here, and why are we doing, what we are doing?

Once upon a time, in a city far from here, a young man had a dream. The vision, or dream, consisted of a community, much like the “Beloved Community”, that had been shared by Dr. King at Riverside Church in New York. This community was diverse. Its inhabitants were multi-cultural, and reflected the individual beauty that is contained in all races.  In this community, with all its imperfections and imperfect people, they decided that they would work together, irrespective of race, ethnic background, and economic status. This community realized the true meaning of “community”, simply stated “common unity”. Many of the mature residents had relocated to this community, after working many years in urban areas, raising their families. They seized the opportunity to relocate to this community, and attempt to live in peace, enjoying all the environmental blessings of living in a valley. They had gained liberty and escaped  from all the challenges of modern urban life, where the density of the population births issues of crime, selfishness, arrogance, and pride….(to be continued)

Here is a video production done by SoulTV

(a former online TV channel aimed at building bridges and conflict resolution)

Toronto, Canada

in 2005….it was the beginning of “Jazz, Power, & The Glory!”…we’ve come a long..long way…!





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